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FifthOrder WebSurvey

The FifthOrder WebSurvey product is a collection of Windows and Web-based applications that allow for the development and deployment of simple to extremely complex survey projects. In addition to survey development and deployment tools, FifthOrder offers in depth survey analysis tools providing for numerous filtering and reporting options. Pricing based upon number of survey participants.

Key characteristics of FifthOrder's WebSurvey include:

WebSurvey Development

  • Develop using compact windows application
  • Website automatically built from survey questions and set up data entries
  • Multiple Instruments (collections of survey questions) can be defined, each containing similar or differing question types
  • Instruments can be presented conditionally based upon implementing rules on answers
  • Rich assortment of question types and display capabilities
  • Various deployment options
  • Customer can develop or contract with FifthOrder

WebSurvey Administration

  • Email administration for invites, reminders
  • Users can be classified based upon various categories selected upon entry to the survey
  • Technical support link
  • Provides monitoring of each survey participants status
  • Secure login or general login for survey usage

WebSurvey Database

  • All survey parameters stored in database
  • Access to data via web based interface
  • Ability to close out and export survey data

WebSurvey Analytics

  • Analyze participant usage
  • All submitted surveys are stored and results viewable
  • Survey answers statistically analyzed
  • Rating instruments
  • Export any report to .csv format

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