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FifthOrder Integrated Configurator

Integrated real time rule engine with object oriented database and data driven user interface.

FifthOrder Technologies has designed an innovative and comprehensive configurator solution that can transform organizations that provide complex systems and products in customized configurations. Competitive pricing, rapid application development, broad capabilities, superior ease of use, complete process integration, and low maintenance are key attributes that set FifthOrder apart.

FifthOrder's Integrated Configurator provides a single package for product and system configuration as well as document generation (such as proposals, pricing, order entry inputs, and physical product/system drawings for assembly or on site installation) and file outputs for legacy/ERP system interfaces and other XML-compliant systems.

Targeted applications include configuring complex products and systems, including hardware, software, data, and service offerings. Through FifthOrder's innovative Application Builder, configurable solutions can be tailored quickly to a wide variety of customer needs.

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